Neon Indian en el 1015 Folsom

 Neon Indian(Dj Set) en el "1015 Folsom", además Teen Daze, Kuedo y Yalls en vivo en San Francisco, CA el Viernes 21 de Septiembre, 2012 las puertas se abren a las 21:00 hrs. se pronóstica que terminará a las 3:00 hrs.
Dirección / Venue:

1015 Folsom St.
San Francisco CA 94103
Estados Unidos

Tel: +1 415-559-8532

Neon Indian is a chillwave band from Denton, Texas. The group is the current project of musician Alan Palomo, also known for his work with the band GhostHustler and as the artist Vega. The group has released two albums: “Psychic Chasms” (2009) and “Era Extraña” (2011).

The band began to garner attention in 2009 after several of their songs which had been posted online were favorably reviewed by music blogs and Web sites. On October 13, 2009, the group released its debut LP Psychic Chasms.
Pitchfork Media also listed two tracks from Psychic Chasms in their list of The Top 100 Tracks of 2009. Should Have Taken Acid With You was listed as the year’s 74th top track and Deadbeat Summer noticeably came in at number 13.

Shortly before the release of Psychic Chasms, Palomo said he planned on releasing another album as VEGA.

All Of Us, Together is the first proper full-length from Vancouver’s Teen Daze. Arriving after a prolific stretch of EPs, singles, and remixes since 2010, and recorded in the hopeful turn from spring to summer 2011, it’s something of a culmination. “I’m very proud of this as my first real LP, and the statement it makes. It fully represents where I’ve come to as an electronic artist.”

Teen Daze’s music has always suggested an auditory utopia; this album now propels those aesthetic notions forward in the timeline, resulting in a present moment awareness, rather than trademark nostalgia. “I came upon an old book at a thrift store called Utopian Visions, an encyclopaedic volume of different views on what utopia might look like, which became a huge inspiration. Especially when considering the future of our world as it actually unfolds. We’re becoming more and more self-reliant, more and more separated from our communities. I wanted to make a record that sounded more synthetic but also inviting-this is futuristic music with a heart.”

“Together” is the key word here. This is a record meant for interaction, be it on the dancefloor or on a drive under the night sky with friends. “There are countless reasons on why a person would create something; my reason is bring people together, to let them know that they’re not alone.”

Kuedo’s acclaimed “Severant” (Planet Mu, 2011) is about to get an EP sequel. “Work, Live & Sleep In Collapsing Space” (the song) comes from the same sessions the LP resulted from, something that’s also reflected in the artwork. The tune is described as an “emotionally epic, dance-floor detonator of a track”, built with “huge symphonic synths, half-speed kicks, trap-style hi-hats, rushes and flammed 808 snares” that end up in a synthetic field halfway between trance and Giorgio Moroder’s computer disco. The release is completed with remixes by Laurel Halo and Claude Speeed.

From the haze of the Easy Bay comes Dan Casey aka Yalls melding funk, pop, & ambient elements to create electronic music that was described by Altered Zones as “zonked-out beat-folk” and as “weirded-out pop gems” by Smoke Don’t Smoke.

Yalls’ 2011 self titled compilation tape on Two Michael Jordans & follow-up single on Crash Symbols showcase Casey’s eclectic style & warped production skills while highlighting his pop sensibilities.

In addition to a steady stream of new songs, Yalls is also gaining notoriety for his remixes & collaborations with other East Bay musicians. Noted for high energy and cosmic visuals, the Yalls live show relies on looping synths and highlight Casey’s vocal stylings. Yalls has fittingly shared stages with Teen Daze, Adventure, & Blackbird Blackbird, amongst others.

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